Rediscover your wealth.

It’s time your money made its way back to you.

Welcome to Windfall Gain

We exist for the sole purpose of tracing and recovering your misplaced investments. We assist in recovering your outstanding money from various forgotten sources including shares, insurance policies, mutual funds or small savings schemes. Our goal is to have your money back in your hands, just where it belongs.

Windfall Gain offers tailor-made services to overcome the hurdles faced in reclaiming your forgotten, lost or unclaimed investments.

Windfall Gain

Our Goal

Returning your missing money to you.

Our Mission

Identify, pursue, and recover.

Our Vision

Changing your destiny.

Our Services

Bank Accounts and Fixed Deposits

We identify inactive accounts and work with the original owner or their representatives to secure title to the account ......Read more

Shares, Dividends, Matured Deposits & Debentures

We are regularly involved in tracing what happened to your share holdings. We coordinate with the authorities involved to ensure that ......Read more

Mutual Funds

We play a proactive role in tracing your unclaimed funds, coordinating with the authorities on your behalf and drafting the necessary documents required to make your claim......Read more


We work with you to get your money back from your insurance company or the government by submitting the requisite documents provided by us and ensuring that your claim process is hassle free......Read more

Provident Fund

We provide you with a simplified solution to claim your unclaimed amounts in an efficient and time saving manner.....Read more