We work with highly trained experts to encompass all legal and financial aspects of the money recovery process, researching a variety of sources including data bases, historical documents, government reports, financial records and others overall helping you solve complex issues involving a broad range of personal and administrative situations.

Windfall Gain is also adept at locating the relatives of the deceased as well as the sum, and navigating through the legal process.

Bank Accounts and Fixed Deposits

We identify inactive accounts and work with the original owner or their representatives to secure title to the account and arrange the transfer to the beneficial owner.

Common reasons for inoperative accounts are as follows:

The account holder has forgotten about holding the bank deposit.
The account holder dies and the legal heirs are unaware of the bank account.
People have gone abroad for good without closing the account.

What happens to your money?

Amounts in bank accounts and fixed deposits which are inactive or inoperative for a period of 10 years or more are transferred to a fund maintained by the Reserve Bank of India.

Shares, Dividends & Debentures

We are regularly involved in tracing what happened to your share holdings. We coordinate with the authorities involved to ensure that you receive your rightful claim.

Another important aspect is to identify, value and submit the appropriate paperwork and supporting documents in order to transfer or transmit shares to the beneficiary.

Along the way, we record details of how the holdings evolved, in case this is required by the shareholder and provide assistance to dematerialize your shares effortlessly.

Common reasons for loss of shares are as follows:

When a company has changed its name, or is taken over by another company and the investor is unaware of the change.
When investors misplace their share certificates or miss dividend, bonus, split announcements and tend to forget about their investments.
When investments exist in the name of a person who is now deceased.
When physical share certificates are mutilated or soiled and investors don’t get duplicate share certificates issued.

What happens to your money?

Shares in respect of which dividend has not been paid or claimed for seven consecutive years or more are credited to a fund established by the Central Government for promotion of investors’ awareness and protection of their interests.

Mutual Funds

We play a proactive role in tracing your unclaimed funds, coordinating with the authorities on your behalf and drafting the necessary documents required to make your claim.

Common reasons for unclaimed funds are as follows:

Loss of receipt of old accounts where the investment was done in paper format.
Delay or inability to update changed address details.
Delay or inability to update bank account details.
Non-deposit of dividend cheque within three months from being issued.

What happens to your money?

The dividends and redemption amounts due on mutual funds are invested in a plan of liquid scheme, money market mutual fund scheme, call money markets or money market instruments floated by mutual funds.

Once the dividend or redemption amount on a fund is unclaimed for over three years, the interest on the principal amount after this period is to be used for investor education funds by the fund houses.


We work with you to get your money back from your insurance company or the government by submitting the requisite documents provided by us and ensuring that your claim process is hassle free.

Common reasons for unclaimed amounts are as follows:

Policy holders have forgotten about their policy.
The nominee/s has no knowledge about the policy, so in the event of the sudden demise of the policy holder, the money remains unpaid.
The policy holders haven’t claimed the premium refund amount.

What happens to your money?

Insurance monies which are due are moved to a fund established by the Central Government after 10 years. If no claim is made for a period of 25 years after the transfer to the fund, the money is forfeited and belongs to the government.

Provident Fund

We provide you with a simplified solution to claim your unclaimed amounts in an efficient and time saving manner.

Common reasons for unclaimed amounts are as follows:

When an account gets dormant due to the employee not transferring his old account to the new employer and forgetting about the previous contributions.
The interest earned on the deposits with Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is exempted from Income Tax. Therefore, there exists an incentive of leaving the balance amount with EPFO.
Deposits with the EPFO are safe & secure investments and cannot be attached even by a decree of the Court.

What happens to your money?

All amounts which are not claimed before 61 years of age or within a period of 3 years from the date they become payable are transferred to an account called Inoperative Account and become unclaimed. Savings that remain unclaimed in Inoperative Account of Employees’ Provident Fund for seven years transferred to a fund established by the Central Government. The fund is utilized for the promotion of welfare of senior citizens.

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