Why did you contact me?

What are “unclaimed investments”?

Generally, investments left unclaimed consist of old accounts and uncashed cheques. Often the money is from a cheque that was never deposited, lost in the mail or misplaced. In other instances, the owner of the unclaimed funds has died and the heirs have no knowledge of the existence of these funds.

But, as far as I know, I don't have any “unclaimed investments.”

The vast majority of our clients were previously unaware that they had unclaimed money – if they had been aware of these funds, they would not be unclaimed, hence the term “unclaimed investments.” The reason we contacted you is because we are confident that (1) the funds exist, (2) you are the owner of these funds, and (3) we will be able to recover these funds for you.

How did these investments go unclaimed in the first place?

Investments can become unclaimed for a multitude of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the owner. Now that we know that these investments exist, we are in a position to recover them for you. This is good news, not bad news.

Why is this the first time that I am being notified about these unclaimed investments?

Organizations holding unclaimed funds are not always required to locate and/or notify the owners of unclaimed investments.

Okay, so what are the investments that you found for me?

For privacy concerns, we initially disclose only the estimated value of the investments.

Who will receive the unclaimed investments?

Payment of the unclaimed investments will be sent to the owner.

If the owner is deceased, who may recover the unclaimed investments referred to in your letter?

The surviving spouse, daughter, son or any other relative can claim the unclaimed investments, after the regulatory checks.

Although I've never been contacted by Windfall Gain, can I hire you to look for investments that I may have lost?

No. Our services are only available to individuals and organizations for whom we have already located unclaimed money and who have been contacted by us.

Who has my unclaimed investments?

There are a variety of entities that could be holding your assets. Upon the signature of an agreement, we will be able to provide more specific information about your claim.

Is there a time limit to claim any lost or unclaimed investments?

This is a rather difficult question to answer since the funds come from a variety of different agencies. Depending upon the type of unclaimed investments available, the expiration date may vary.

Can I claim these investments on my own?

It may be possible to claim these funds on your own; however, this process is very detailed and time consuming. Over the years, we have perfected the process in order to alleviate the delay and frustration in obtaining your unclaimed funds.

What are the most common unclaimed investments?

Most common unclaimed investments include shares, debentures, matured deposits, insurance, mutual funds, post office saving accounts, fixed deposits and mutual funds.

How to recover my unclaimed fixed deposits?

Unclaimed fixed deposits might be harder to claim than you think. When a fixed deposit holder dies without a nominee before the deposit has matured, the legal heirs are clueless about the deposits. Usually, banks try to find out the whereabouts of their customer or their legal heirs but do not have the requisite resources at their disposal which leads to the deposits becoming unclaimed.

On submission of the required documents to the appropriate authority your request is processed and the claim is allowed. Additional verification steps are required beyond a certain amount such as the release of a press note by the bank in newspapers about the claim. Upon completion of all the required documents, a verification of genuineness of the case leads to approval of the claim.

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How to recover my unclaimed insurance policy benefit?

Life insurance companies are among the largest holders of unclaimed money. Most policies go unclaimed and unpaid on death of the insured, due to long dormancy periods and because family members aren't always aware a policy exists

A will left by the policy holder makes it very easy for the nominee to claim benefits. The insurer must be provided with the bank details of the nominee. If there is no will and no nominee the legal process will have to be followed.

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How to claim my unclaimed shares?

Shares on which dividends remain unclaimed for seven years or more are transferred to a fund established by the government.

The claimant must contact the appropriate authority. If the person making a claim is a nominee, he/ she has to provide the proof of being a nominee for the shares along with various other documents and forms.

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How to claim my unclaimed mutual fund redemption/ dividend amounts?

Unclaimed redemption/ dividend amounts are amounts that remain unpaid to the investors after their validity period.

Investors can claim their unpaid amounts by filing the required forms along with supporting documents with the appropriate authority. Most documents require attestation as per Know Your Client guidelines. Legal procedures need to be followed in case the unit holder is deceased.

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How to I claim my unclaimed money from my provident fund (PF) account?

The PF holder must have a Universal Account Number (UAN) which is issued by the employees’ provident fund organisation (EPFO) and is active. The holder must link his mobile number and bank account to the UAN database. He must also link his Aadhar and PAN to the EPFO database. Once the abovementioned conditions are fulfilled, the holder can submit a claim to the appropriate authority.To know more Click Here

What should I do if I still have questions regarding my unclaimed investments?

Just contact us, and we will be happy to explain the process. Also, you may have your lawyer or accountant call us.Contact Us

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